GAD205: Board Game Shops

As promised in class on Tuesday, here are some links to retailers likely to carry the board games you guys will be looking for.

my has links to three online retailers. I've used each of these before and had good experiences. You may be able to get things cheaper online than in a brick and mortar shop, though naturally you'll have to wait for the shipment. I've had luck with amazon lately as well, their selection has improved a lot.

Of course, here in Seattle you have a number of local options:

Gary's Games and Hobbies is up in Greenwood, conveniently located near Gorditos, so you can grab a burrito while you're out.

Berserk Games is also in Greenwood, though I haven't personally been yet...

Cardhaus, also listed in the online section above, apparently has a retail store up in Lynnwood. I didn't know this.

Please let me know about other stores in the area and I'll add them to the list

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