GAD101 Presentations

As promised, here are the details from what I'm looking for with your presentations over the coming couple of weeks:

  1. Prepare!  I'll be timing you.  I will stop you at the five minute mark, as we don't have time for babblers.
  2. Do not treat this presentation as strictly a review.  Analyze the game.  Look at it from the perspective of a developer.
  3. Tie your game into what we've discussed so far.
    1. Note how any of the history of games  may have had an impact on your game.
    2. Note not only what motivations it will appeal to, but what choices were made by developers to make this so.
    3. Note how well it sold, if you can find this information, across the different game markets.  Discuss why this might be.

This assignment SHOULD be relatively easy for you guys.  More than anything else, it is for you to impress me, and show me what you've got.

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