Dungeon Generation Fun

Well, the dungeon generator is finally far enough along that I'm comfortable unveiling it here for you folks. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some interesting details that have gone into its development so far. As new features get added in, I'll share those as well.

Quick summary, as well as a link to see it in action below.

Link to: most recent preview build (Caution: dungeons with rooms take a few seconds, and there's no progress bar yet)

Current features:

  • Couple different dungeon types can be generated
    • Normal Dungeon - rooms connected by hallways (fire tileset, or regular)
    • Labyrinth - No rooms, extra twisty (fire tileset, or regular)
  • Zooming/Scrolling
  • Awesome colorblind programmer art
  • Rooms of multiple shapes/orientations possible
  • Dungeons should always be completely navigable (one room causes rare exceptions at the moment)
  • A quick temporary UI that clashes terribly with my background color!

This is just the beginning, and there are quite a few tricks up this generator's sleeve. Aside from Dungeon Dice, I plan on using it for at least one (probably two) other projects, and I'm building it with each of them in mind already, so it's got a lot of power. I'll be sharing (at least) an update each week on the generator, so stay tuned!

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