GAD225: Midterm Study Guide

Some key things to study:

  • Be comfortable writing loops.  Be able to look at an existing loop and know how many times it executes.  A good sample problem might be to take the stat generator from an earlier class, and make it loop to generate a specific number of stats.  Or loop until you get the roll you want.
  • Know random number generation.  The above sample problem would help with that too.
  • Be comfortable with the basic math and logic operators.  Know what each does, and their order of precedence.
  • Be able to use truth tables to dissect when a compound logic statement is true.  a && (b || !c) is true in what cases?
  • Be able to trouble shoot code for bugs.  Hopefully your homework has gotten you used to this, as there isn't much I can tell you to study directly.
  • Understand the way that functions work (including parameters and returning values), and be able to separate code out into a function.  CalendarTester will be useful for this.
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