GAD235: Revisiting Critter Caretaker

Here is an update of what you should have as your starting point for the Critter project in 2D Scripting. If you have a Critter from before, you may want to save it into a new file now with some stuff removed (for now). If you have no Critter, here's what you should make.

Base Class: Critter

  • Has the following needs as protected member ints (0-100, think percentages): food, entertainment, sleep
  • Has the following behaviours:
    • eat() - eats something, and gains some food points.
    • sleep() - the critter sleeps, regaining some sleep points.
    • play() - the critter does something entertaining, regaining some entertainment points.
    • passTime() - this should be called automatically after every "turn". The critter's stats go down each turn, requiring the player to make it do something.

Main Class: CritterCaretaker.

  • This class will be similar in a lot of ways to CardAndDeckTester
  • it should simply give them the options of making the critter go to bed, feeding it, waking it up, playing with it, or passing a turn (these will be done visually now, not through a traced menu).
  • Every turn it should print out the Critter's current status, as well as the results of the last action (this will be done on the stage as well).
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