GAD225: HW4

This homework assignment will have you updating HW2. If you did not get that homework completed adequately, please reference the solution in my outbox on the network. This assignment is due week 9, the week after thanksgiving.

Basically, we are rewriting this homework to take advantage of objects.

1. Turn the player into a single object. Obviously, his three stats should be properties of the object. Convert choices the player can make into functions (behaviors) of the player object.

2. At least one of the choices the player can make from the menu must have him interacting with other objects (extra credit if all 3 do). This other object can be an enemy, environment, whatever, so long as it has its own definition, properties/constructor/behavior.

3. Let's do that extra credit from the previous assignment. There must be at least one item that players can buy/find, that heals the player. It should, of course, be its own object with its own definition.

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