Bad Pitch/Good Pitch: Orphan

Bad Pitch/Good Pitch is a recurring feature in which I take some sort of creative work, and pretend that I am pitching it to the executives.  One pitch is terrible, and would never get the project greenlit, and the other is presumably better.  In theory, both are factual portrayals of the content of the project.

Bad Pitch

The main character is a rich orphan living in his inherited mansion.  He drives around in an expensive car with little regard to traffic laws or public safety.  He's the creepy brooding type that doesn't really make close friends, and spends his spare time figuring out the best way to take them out, should he ever have to.

Good pitch

The main character's parents were killed before his eyes when he was just a kid, and he swore to do everything within his power to clean up the criminal element of his city.  Fortunately, he inherited massive riches, and after dedicating his youth to training and developing crime fighting technology, he now patrols the city from a gray area outside the law, specializing in those criminals that are similarly beyond the law's reach.

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