Children’s Website, part 2

In class, we went over your five plans for a children's website, ultimately deciding on one of them as the winner. Take this plan, and create a fully realized design out of it.

Again, you are working in Photoshop or Illustrator here, not building a functional site.

You are on the hook for a variety of things here:

  • The home page
    • Biggest concern of the home page is to make it appealing to new users as well as returning users
    • Remember the title of the text book, even if you haven't read any of it yet.
    • Make sure I know where to go as a new user!
  • Navigation
    • Navigation isn't just the most important part of the site... it is the site
    • If your navigation (or any other aspect of the assignment) feature dynamic interactivity (such as roll overs), use layers to show them off.
  • One page of actual content
    • Whatever site you've chosen features something interesting
    • Do a design of this "something interesting" as well
    • Show the site laid out for this content
    • Show how the navigation updates with whatever "you are here" method you use.
  • General guidelines
    • Yes, I expect you to actually create some of the content for this content page. It is very helpful in visually showing off your site.
    • You should be creating your own images here
    • This IS an interface design class, and as such, the interface/navigation aspects of your design should get the most attention.
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2 Responses to “Children’s Website, part 2”

  1. darrius wells Says:

    In class I think you stated we had to use our own images, by this I think you meant no copying and pasting images from the original site

    So my question is,
    I am doing a site for a fisher-Price product with a already establish style of illustration displayed on there packaging, can I use pictures from the packaging for something simple like the background for navigation buttons, or do I need to create everything from scratch

  2. steve Says:

    You should be doing your own images from scratch, though attempting to keep it consistent with their style is a good idea.