GAD205: Equipment Mockups

Due at the beginning of class next week, turned in digitally, as a .jpg/.gif/.png

Your mockups should be blueprints for the actual constructed pieces, NOT concept work for a digital interpretation.  Have a plan for going from these mockups to your actual constructed playable board game.

Details below...

Have mockups for the following, at the very least:

  • Board
  • Box
  • Instruction Manual Layout (no content necessary at this point)
  • Card Layouts (at least one sample for each "type" of card)
  • Pieces

Some general guidelines :

  •  Make sure color choices are represented
  •  Don't neglect typography and good graphic design
  •  Go as detailed and complete as you can, so that you have as clear of a vision as you can

Finally, you will have to do a quick presentation of your work (5 minutes), describing your board game to the class, and getting critiqued on your mock ups.

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