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Tom Chick on digital Race for the Galaxy

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Race for the Galaxy is one of my favorite board games (really a card game) lately, and I've been playing it fairly frequently.  A couple months back, I was linked to this digital version, complete with an absolutely brutal AI, and I lost many hours of productivity.  However, I got quite a bit better at Race for the Galaxy when playing against my friends and family, so I consider myself to have broken even overall.  Oh yeah, this digital version is free!

Race for the Galaxy's epic sci-fi storyline is all in the cards | Fidgit.

Meanwhile, as Earth's Lost Colony on the bottom of the screen, I began with a source of Novelty Goods. I also have plenty of Rare Elements on my recently settled Imperium Armaments World and Mining World, with Mining Robots ready to replenish my resources. Fat lot of good it's doing me! I have no way to process all these raw materials. While the other two players advance their economies, I've been squandering all my turns exploring for some sort infrastructure world to settle. As soon as I find it, I've got a Colony Ship ready to go.

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