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IM231: Some Videos

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

In class on Wednesday, we had some technical problems, and couldn't view the videos on potential future interface concepts. Here are links to the videos that we would have watched, given technical cooperation:

  • 3D with Head Tracking - Perhaps this doesn't have much application outside of games or 3D visualization tools (modelling, architecture), but is still interesting in that it's direct view control via head movements.
  • Multi Touch - Perhaps the most plausible future control scheme, this video shows of multi touch control interfaces. As an interesting side note, I saw a clip from CNN's election coverage, and they were using multi touch interfaces as they moved votes around on screen. Their use of it seemed utterly superfluous, but the technology still looked pretty cool when they did so. This Link has a screen capture of what I'm referring to. Pretty cool that this tech is being used at this point.
  • Seadragon - This one shows off the seadragon technology that a student mentioned in class. Definitely a bit more going on here than purely interface related concerns, but worth discussing on that topic as well.

Also, while I've got my interface design students paying attention to the website, just a quick note that if you're looking for some participation points, come to class this week with an example or two of webpage geared towards children, and be ready to share your thoughts on the interface found therein.

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