IM231: Tourism Site, Step 2

This is going to be quite similar to the second step of the children's website, though a bit more specific. For all the nitty gritty details, read on.

Again, do a complete design of the home page.

This time, you must also design two additional pages. The first one must be the sitemap. It must be as complete as you can possibly make it, with links that would lead to all pages you could foresee the site having. Remember the primary reasons that site maps exist, and make sure that yours fits those needs.

The second page is one of your own choosing. It isn't that simple though. You should choose the single page that you feel is the most important (aside from the homepage). Be prepared to back this decision up during next week's presentation. Look at this choice as a followup to the decisions you made on step 1, with regards to what pages would get linked/featured on the homepage.

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2 Responses to “IM231: Tourism Site, Step 2”

  1. doug aaron Says:

    hi steve
    i want to make really sure that you are asking for 3 pages. page1 our original tourist map like mine for alabama, page2 is a page that has all the links to where you would get your information, page 3 is like pictures of where you are going. Is this correct, since i want to make sure i turn in the right pages for you.

    doug weds class

  2. steve Says:


    Yes, three pages... your description is a bit off though:

    1. Home page - this is the page that your user would get when they type in (or whatever your site name is)
    2. Site Map - this is a page with links to all of the INTERNAL pages your site would have if built to completion. This will allow you to show me that you've fully thought through what the site would offer the user!
    3. Any - This page is your call. Whatever you think is THE most important page on your site aside from the home page. If that is a page of pictures of Alabama, then that's the page you make.